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When I bought my first house within the Midwest, I was thrilled on an old house along with the ability to fix it up making it the way I wanted it to be.

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After I bought your house, I looked online to identify a western suburbs handyman who may help me with the huge remodeling project I was planning to undertake. Finally, I found somebody that had a full page dedicated to a western suburbs bathroom he’d helped someone complete recently and I knew he was the guy for the task. So, I hired him and that we quickly made a scheduled appointment for him to adopt look at the home and find out how he could help.

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Frank, the handyman, came over a couple of days after I bought your house and the man said although like to help with all the job. I told him I wanted to remodel your kitchen by replacing the sink, cabinets, the floors, along with the countertops. I also told him I wanted to create the walls in the living room. Finally, I explained that I also needed help replacing some fixtures, replacing the shower, and repainting the bathroom. Frank said that it might probably take around three weeks for that project to become complete. So, after the meeting I got to work searching for everything I needed for my project.

After the meeting, I went to your house improvement store to acquire everything I would need for that project. I bought different paint colors, new custom light fixtures, new countertops, new wood flooring, cabinets, and I arranged to offer the floors, cabinets, plus a new shower delivered these week.

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For the initial week, Frank and I labored on the kitchen because that’s the bedroom that needed the most work. We started by painting first, then we became popular all of the old countertops. Next, we put the cabinets set up after which installed the countertops. The end of the kitchen project came when we replaced the whole floor with new wood flooring.

The second week we worked on the family area. Since the bedroom am large, it took 48 hrs to perform the paint job. Frank also solved the problem convey a few new fixtures anf the husband made small improvements towards the family area once we found any minor issues while painting the room.

The third week was a final week with the project and now we handled the restroom. Frank installed the brand new shower without my help, then he taught me to be replace the sink with all the an alternative one. He also taught me to be paint the lavatory after the rest have been installed.
I really enjoyed utilizing Frank, the handyman, as he always went above and beyond by helping me replace and fix any situation that needed fixing along the way in which. During my remodeling project, Frank and I became great friends and remain in like manner this very day. I am so happy I decided to transform my home because I creating a fresh friend and make is know for my dreams in just three weeks.

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