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Bathroom shapes and dimensions have wide variations in accordance to the space availability in the home. Apart from the regular square and rectangular shapes, some bathrooms have odd-shaped extensions. Still others may have a different angle in a corner because adjacent walls might not exactly lie perpendicular to each other. However, lose your pounds . be considered a solution for almost any odd space, inside the light that bathroom designing has undergone a radical change. The bathtub, which serves because the point of luxury, has also evolved immensely. The following paragraphs discuss the options of bathtubs, with respect to their size, type and application.

Bathroom Design with Tub and Shower
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Freestanding baths have a very traditional renown since they were common in older eras, such because Victorian era. They were clawfoot bathtubs that stood on claw-like feet fixed under each corner. Over time, they were replaced by today’s standard tubs that were used since the past decades. Standard models usually use a length of five feet and are installed near a wall. Clawfoot tubs are actually available as reproduction models or even as genuine vintage models. The main difference could be that the former consists of lightweight acrylic, as the latter is constructed of heavy cast iron. As certain is subject to rust, you should use mild cleansers that won’t ruin the finish.

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Further, you need to find another way to conceal the plumbing because the tub will likely be higher than the walk out, and in addition find out if the bottom can bear the extra weight of the iron tub. The quaint kind of claw foot tubs is a perfect mix of functionality and attractiveness. Being deeper than usual, it forms an ideal soaking tub along with the design has additionally been adopted in the present small bath designs.

Similarly, traditional Japanese baths are also being utilized in small bathrooms. Their width is below those of standard baths as well as their depth is fairly higher. Due to this feature, small bath manufacturers are incorporating this feature inside their products. Apart from these innovations, the standard rectangular shapes are substituted with circular and elliptical shapes, which fit well in corners, without occupying too much of space. Manufacturers also offer to include massage jet features and whirlpool features, which could create a home spa. Walk-in designs have a doorway for straightforward entry, rendering it safe for the elderly and disabled.

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Therefore, it really is clear which a small bath can give an opulent bath even though its length is less than that of the conventional standard bathtub. The concept is always to make tub deeper, like traditional clawfoot freestanding baths or Japanese baths, to be able to take a seat on a chair built inside the tub and soak well in the neck-deep water. In addition to the home spa features stated earlier, you can even boost the functionality of one’s bathroom by combining a shower using the tub. Better known as the ‘shower tub combo’ design, this innovative idea is a welcome feature within the contemporary bathroom design industry. It is also evolving constantly to add more luxuries and features.

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