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The pan section of a WC is made from vitreous china; the cistern (now almost always a low-level type) might be china or plastic. The waste outlet in the pan might be vertically downwards – an S-trap – or nearly horizontal a P-trap. Some WCs use a short horizontal outlet to which a ceramic or plastic connector may be included with convert the outlet into an S-trap or P-trap – angled if required. The stan¬dard height of the pan is 405mm, but other heights can be purchased.

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Washdown pan with standard cistern
The most usual type the contents from the pan are only washed on the waste pipe through the force of the water from your cistern. Cheap but noisy in opera¬tion. Cisterns usually contain ballvalve – often a high-pressure type. For cisterns fed from a cold water storage cistern, a low-pressure ballvalve should be used. Inlets and overflows are situated in the sides and may be inter¬changed. The flush handle is usually installed on top.

Bathroom Remodel for the Ngo Family
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Siphonic pan with close-coupled cistern
The contents with the pan are sucked out by siphonic action within the trap. Quieter functioning compared to washdown type and the pan can also be not as likely to obtain soiled. Two types – single-trap and double-trap: double-trap is a bit more efficient and com¬mon, but a majority of get blocked quicker; both types be more expensive compared to washdown type. A close-coupled cistern is linked right to the pan – neater compared to the standard type. Some washdown pans are prepared for use with close-coupled cist¬erns too. The cistern have their inlet and overflow mounted underneath, that gives a neater appearance.

Wall-hung WC
Keeps the bottom clear but will not necessarily allow any flexibility in mounting height. The cistern is usually concealed behind a false wall.

WC with narrow cistern
Useful when con¬verting an old-fashioned high-level cistern to your low-level type, and when space in front of the WC is restricted.

Bathroom Remodel for the Ngo Family
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Dual-flush cistern
Enables that you flush the pan using either half or the full quantity of water. Saves water when using the WC like a urinal (half flush).

The main purpose of an bidet is perfect for washing the bottom and genitals. It is utilized by sitting astride it – either facing towards or away in the taps, whichever is much more comfortable. It can also be used as a footbath, like a basin for young children, or soaking clothes.

Over-rim supply
The water is to the bowl from the bidet from taps, in the identical manner like a wash basin. This type is easier to plumb in nevertheless the rim can appear cold when looking at it.

Through-rim supply
Special water valves are essential as well as the warm water flows across the rim before filling the bowl, to warm it. This type often has a spray fitted on the base with the bowl, that is utilized for douching. Both the bidet as well as the taps cost more as opposed to over-rim type, and special plumbing regulations need to be observed.

Wall-mounted bidet
As with wall-mounted WC, keeps a floor clear, but won’t necessarily allow any flexibility in mounting height.

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